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Doctor's Appointment
Doctor's Appointment

Cardiovascular disease is 
progressive and leads to

heart attack or stroke.


Why choose HeartSavers Clinics?

Proprietary &

Only at a HeartSavers Clinics will you get an accurate evaluation of the health of your large and small arteries with patented, non-invasive testing.

20 Years of

Evidence based, clinically applied with thousands of patients.  Developed by University of MN cardiovascular specialist Dr. Jay N. Cohn, MD.

Your Heart
Health Matters

Cardiovascular Disease is progressive. It can be detected early - before symptoms appear. Early detection means effective treatment - preventing or delaying events.

From the founding doctor of the HeartSaver Clinics program

Dr. Jay Cohn, MD

HeartSavers Clinics Appointment

HeartSavers Clinics Appointments

We are currently taking appointments for the Cardio 101 testing at the Plymouth MN location

2800 Campus Dr Ste 44 Plymouth MN 55441

Our Locations

The HeartSavers Clinics program and patented CVProfilor
is in use around the United States. 

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