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Research Team

Research & Science of HeartSavers Clinics

Backed by Science and Years of Clinical Practice

HeartSavers Clinics is an experience-based medicine initiative with more than 30-years of clinical experience on more than 20,000 patients in Mpls/St. Paul.  Numerous papers and studies have been peer reviewed and published in U.S. and European Medical Journals.  Some of them are listed below.  The links on this page open up PDF documents you can read on-screen or download to print and read later. 

Early Cardiovascular Structural and Functional Abnormalities as a Guide to Future Morbid Events

Association of Small Artery Elasticity with Incident Cardiovascular Disease in Older Adults

A Revised Target for Preventive Cardiology: Early Disease vs Risk Factors

Read these documents by clicking on the image -- they will open as a PDF in separate browser windows or tabs

June 2023

From the World Heart Federation:  

High cholesterol causes 4.4 million deaths every year.  It is a major a risk factor for heart disease and stroke in both high- and low-income countries.  A healthy diet, regular exercise and medication can help reduce high cholesterol.  For a wonderful overview and explanation of cholesterol, what the differences are between HDL and LDL cholesterol and impact on the vascular system, please follow this link to their web page. There is a short video and some excellent expandable sections with explainer topics.  

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